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CNC Machining Simply Defined

CNC machining is a computerized chain of physical movements and operations that are assigned by CAM software outputting G-code and carried out by machine tools. The tools perform steady subtraction motions to shape and cut functional parts with the highest accuracy levels. Raw material or stock is removed with various precision cutting tools that will change depending on size and desired service. CAM software is used to control the machine according to the specification of your 3D part drawing or invention. Rest assured we will use the program and tooling that will best optimize machining time, smooth finishes for your part surfaces, and offer the intended tolerance specified in your drawing. We mean to become your go to part manufacturing shop. Feel free to request a manufacturing quote by emailing your CAD file to:

In many occasions emails for quote inquiries contain insufficient information for an accurate quote or an automatic response. All emails should include a phone number as we may need to contact you to ask further questions. Due to the amount of emails that we receive, we typically pursue the ones that have a telephone number. Please call us at: (404) 532-8188

We use CNC machining to manufacture parts and prototypes and also to make fixtures and jigs for repetitive manufacturing.

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