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The machined parts in this picture are long thin plates made of aluminum. They are also the same size, so by grouping them in small groups (3 columns and 4 rows) and tightly binding them together with shrink-wrap we ensure that the metal parts will not flap against each other. This will prevent your parts from damage after they leave our CNC machine shop. This packaging method will also prevent the part group from slipping in transit or in handling when they arrive to the user.
PF CNC Machining always finds the most appropriate way to package your CNC Machined parts so that the precision cutting performed at our machine shop stay intact during the process of shipping them to you.  We do improvise containers or boxes to tight fit your metal or plastic parts no matter how odd the shape of your parts may be.

PF CNC Machining Manufactures Precision Parts And It Is Important To Us That Your Parts Arrive To You Intact Whether It Is A One-Off Part Or A Large Production Run

Your machined parts serve an important role. The fact that they are called parts implies that they could be used with other pieces or within an assembly.  To make this possible every part must be machined holding tolerances that will allow the parts to function properly with each other.

We trust that you will at a minimum include part specifics in your drawing via a PDF having dimensions outlining for example thickness, depth, width of pockets, drilled holes and chamfers etc. in your computer drawing or in writing.  You can trust we will follow all your instructions faithfully so that the machined parts that we manufacture for you are ready to use the first time around. 

CNC machined parts that have different depths, shapes, pockets or drills within them are packaged so that all different purposes of the part are maintained through shipping or transport of the part.
The outer edge of this drill hole has been chamfered so it is important to keep that chamfer intact so that the intended use of the part is not compromised.

If what we are machining for you is a prototype, you can let us know of any changes to be made for future production of that part or parts.  In order for you to be sure of this, the parts must arrive to you in the same condition that they were when they came out of our machines.  That means no chipping or tearing on any edge so that they can slide, turn or screw without skipping or falling out of place.

It is our duty to ensure your CNC machined or manual machined parts are protected against friction or whether.  Of course, when we talk about metal we tend to think is hard and unbreakable and for the most part it is. However, if we’re talking about our softer metals like aluminum or plastics like PVC and such, then the proper protection will be advised.

We use different techniques for packaging your metal and plastic parts. The type of material and the tolerances or different cuts in the part, lets us know what packaging technique to use.  For example, if we are sending off planks like the ones you see at the top of this page, then we put a number of them together and fasten with shrink wrap.  Other times, when the part has uneven angles or a round top or side special packaging will be improvised or we may use heavier material like foam sheets.  An edge or corner protector will be used when needed. It is not uncommon to use cut to size cardboard to place at the bottom, top, or in between your machined parts to avoid movement in transit. 

Feel free to contact us if you need additional packaging for your machined parts, or if you just need a free CNC machining quote.

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