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Discontinued Component Manufacturing │ CNC Milling & CNC Turning

Obsolete Metal Or Plastic Component Redesign - Machining And Fabrication

One of our clients had a European string shelving system that he and his wife loved.  After moving to a new house, they found they were missing small Bronze components that are essential for the use of their shelving unit.  These components allow for the positioning of the adjustable shelves.  While the company still sells different units the company doesn’t sell the parts alone, they would have had to repurchase a brand new shelving system just to get the components.

He sent us the original bronze piece he needed to recreate.  CNC machining of the component cannot be completed without a proper CAD drawing.  We created a design based on the original part.  With the aid of accurate measuring tools, we took meticulous measurements of the part from different angles to come up with the data needed for the drawing.  Once we had the design, we prototyped the first proof out of aluminum.  From there we made minor adjustments to the program and started production.  The final parts were CNC machined bronze.

Threaded Aluminum Part
Bronze Sample for Reproduction
Finished Bronze Component
CNC Machined Bronze Parts

Obsolete or discontinued parts that are no longer available from an industry supplier are replaceable only by new machining fabrication of the components.  To help you replace the metal, aluminum or plastic parts you need, we offer services including milling, turning, welding and limited design depending on how involved.

We offer manufacturing of obsolete components for furniture, food processing, textile production machinery, Stainless Steel drains, fixtures, specialty anchors for concrete, drapery hardware and many more applications. We aim to recreate the same fit and functionality -if not better- of the original component that you are no longer able to purchase or produce.

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