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CNC Prototype Machining │ Fast Prototyping Services

Metal Or Plastic Prototyping?  Look No Further

Your prototype is unique and it is very important to us.  We gladly accept working in cooperation with you when preparing to run your prototype or parts.  Whether you have a single part or an assembly of various, we believe in selecting the best tools and paths to obtain the anticipated product.

Precision Fab CNC Machining produces parts for prototypes, short runs, and high volume production. Our prototyping machine capabilities include metal, plastic and wood machining.  Welding fabrication is also accessible to complete your prototype if that is needed. 

The objective of making a prototype is to produce a model for continuous duplication.  Our aim is to manufacture parts in a speedy manner while making sure that your prototype is handled with care and privacy.  High quality is significant to us, and our experienced staff is very familiar with machine prototyping. 

If you are ready to launch your prototype and turn your idea into a tangible product, send us an email with an attached CAD file containing:

  • material information

  • dimension or tolerance

  • and everything we need to know in order to machine your parts


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