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CNC Turned with a chamfer application.

Custom Precision CNC Turned  Parts

Turning is a machining practice in which a cutting tool, frequently but not always stationary, moves in a linear direction relative to the face of the part or following the profile of the inner and/or outer diameters of the rotating piece.  The axes of the moving tool may be in a straight line, or a combination of curves or angles, but fundamentally is linear.  The expression "turning" is typically meant for processes done on a lathe.  ID work applies to interior surfaces such as placing a hole (whether drilling or boring) or cutting an internal groove or chamfer.  Facing refers to the tool moving perpendicular to the rotating stock and could be done with either OD or ID tools.

Our state-of-the-art CNC lathes facilitate high speed, high-quality turning for plastics and metals.  Our turning capacity is available for prototyping, reverse engineering of certain parts and of course low or high volume production.  If you have a CNC turning project that you would like us to quote, simply send us an email with the CAD file of the part attached and be sure to include all the information in the drawing. 

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