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Metal Part Modification, Manual Machining, Drilling, Tapping, Grinding & Welding Services

Modifying And Repairing Metal Parts Through Manual or CNC Machining

Manual machining is often used at PF CNC Machining to modify an existing part having a shape that allows for fastening.

Some metal parts are irreplaceable because they are used in a particular way within a system or a structure.  Parts like these may need a special set up requiring for example: drilling, tapping, grinding or welding.  These special parts may only need to be repaired manually with the skill of an experienced machinist.  Other parts may need to be modified or repaired by using CNC machining technology.  The method used for machining an existing part will depend on factors such as available tooling, shape complexity, tolerances, material type and surface hardness.

Moving parts can become vulnerable to failure with use.  We are not afraid to take on a challenge or at the very least evaluate how we can help.  If we cannot machine your parts and we know the type of service you will need, we won’t hesitate to tell you.  Find out if we can help, modify or replace with a new part.  Email your request to or just talk to us by calling (404) 532-8188.

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