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High Tolerance Parts - Precision Machining Service

Close Tolerance Custom Cutting & CNC High Precision Machined Parts

PF CNC Machining services shop manufactures parts with tolerances reaching in some cases as high as .0005 to .002 depending on a few given conditions.  

Tolerances are affected by the shape of the finished part and the type of material to be used.  

We will let you know what tolerance we can achieve on your parts to give you the very maximum level of precision regardless of which material you use.  Of course size, attributes, or circumstances may have some dissimilarity without affecting in any way,  how the part/s will perform, the part's structure, the system, the machine or the tool's function.

Please let us see your CAD design including all of the tolerances that are required as soon as possible, that way we can expedite the production of your CNC machined parts.

Our email is:

High Tolerance Precision Parts
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