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Let’s build a manufacturer-designer relationship based on mutual trust, because our objective is to become your go-to CNC machining guys for many of your production needs for time to come
: CNC machined metal parts are produced daily at our machine shop with the upmost confidentiality and professionalism. Discretion is invariable in all our manufacturing and prototyping work

At PF CNC Machining We Understand The Importance Of Developing A Design

Time is important to our clients and it takes time and effort to create a design.  We know this because we do in-shop CAD design to expand our own tooling capabilities and also for clients that rely on our design services.  We know there is a time and a place for an NDA when prototype machining and further manufacturing is involved.  We work closely with designers, engineers, inventors and even hobbyists to bring their prototype to completion.  We do take confidentiality, patents, intellectual property and hard work very seriously.

Our viewpoint is that we prefer to get to know you first, as well as encourage you to get to know us. When you get to know us you will find out what our machining capabilities are, and whether or not we can assist in your development.  If you’re local, you can set up an appointment to visit our shop and see what we can do and also tell us more about what you are looking to produce. 

In the interest of keeping things cost effective for both parties involved, we do not normally sign individual non-disclosure agreements (NDA).  The first step in order to give you a quote would be to determine if we can even do the machining for you.  However if it is imperative that we sign your NDA, we will charge a nonrefundable fee of $900 to have our lawyer review the agreement before we sign it.  If we are awarded your job, then the $900 fee will be applied to the cost of the CNC machining service that we will perform.

Feel free to reach us via email for any questions or concerns regarding your next machining project by clicking here.

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