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 Our CNC Machining Services 

CNC Milling, Turning & Prototyping

PF CNC Machining offers custom machine shop services to benefit people within the design and engineering industries.  We use manual mills and lathes along with numerically controlled machines to fabricate new custom parts, replace specific components and in some cases offer maintenance or repair to special pieces.

There are many types of machine shop applications and processes to modify a metal workpiece to any desired shape and dimension.  For many years and even now, precision machining has been performed with accuracy by skilled machinists.  CNC machines have been implemented in modern machine environments due to the convenient precision cutting that they represent.  CNC is an abbreviated term for Computer Numerical Control, and is employed by the automated manufacturing industry.

A CNC machine executes a program, and repeats it identically over and over to give you the exact same part in large quantities.  CNC machines can generate very complex, fast and precise movements that would be difficult or impossible to do on a conventional machine.  A CNC machine is programmable, it can be used to machine a large variety of workpieces and it reduces setup time between one application and the next. 

To give you a quote and an estimation of the time needed to complete your parts, we would use your CAD design or CAD drawing to simulate how the toolpaths will occur.  In other words, we first import the drawing into the CAM software followed by setting tools, direction in which they will move and order of commands.  Whether your part is turned using a CNC turning center or milled with a CNC machining center these tool paths are applied and then output as G Code directly to our CNC machines.  Once this happens we will be ready to set up the machine for the job by positioning the material in the CNC to run your parts.


Our CNC machining centers can machine parts quickly sometimes producing multiple parts in the same setup all the while maintaining extremely high accuracy.  A CNC lathe with live tooling also called a mill/turn lathe can be used in many cases for a part having machining aspects of both milling and turning. These multi-function machines will also reduce setup time by combining operations.

We can handle short runs as well as high volume precision machining.  If you would like a fair and honest quote don’t delay, send us your complete CAD drawing by email, so that we can assess your machining project.

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