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Reverse Engineering Machining Services

 Plastic Parts - Metal Part Manufacturing - Part Production Shop

If you are in need of reverse engineering of a part for the purposes of continued use of a particular system, you have come to the right place.  We may be able to create a part inspired on a sample that you already own and might have become unusable for any reason.

We pay close attention to what you desire in regards to specific dimensions and tolerances, but of course we recommend our expert precision measuring.  With that in mind, we need to have a physical model along with any information you can provide for a new profile and prototype.  We can anticipate mutual information contribution through the process of developing the new CAD design.  PF CNC Machining will evaluate all angles to present smart suggestions to help materialize your design. 

We can remove large and minuscule amounts of metal and we will do it with the most appropriate precision tools every time.  If you have a part to recreate or a prototype, come to us and we will give you an honest assessment of the service you would need and offer the best manufacturing alternative for you.

Feel free to schedule a visit with your sample in hand, to find out how we can work together.  If you already have any CAD work done for your part, please share it with us.

Our email:

We have a fast turnaround policy on all services, here are some things we can do for you:

·         Tooling 

·         Sleeves 

·         Posts 

·         Fixtures 

·         Curtain rods 

·         Z-clips 

·         Gears 

·         Stand Offs

We do many other parts for assembly purposes.  Short runs are done as well as high volume part production.  Your parts will be available to you fast, without you having to invest on machinery or deal with the upkeep.  We are a local machine shop in Atlanta and we have effective precision cutting tools to satisfy your machining needs.  For all other manufacturing processes, we will point you in the right direction when able.

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