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CNC Milling Services & Part Manufacturing

Custom Precision CNC Milled Parts

PF CNC Machining uses milling applications where the rotating tool moves along the top and/or sides of a part to change the surface and finish of plastic or metal. 

Depending on which machine we use, the material will be fastened to a flat horizontal bed by a vice or clamped to a table.

The material could also be held in place by a spindle chuck while tools drill, tap and place pockets inside a boundary.  Tools may also flatten a section of cylinder shaped material, leaving the rest of the part round, to create 3D shapes that combine different depths, angles and contours.  

All these actions could be done within the same program using live tooling centers, programmed in our advanced CAM software and controls.

​Surface grinding services at PF CNC Machining are done swiftly to smooth a part and change the part’s dimensions keeping all tolerances of the completed part exactly how projected.  Toolpaths for surfacing particularly when zig milling, could take longer as the tool moves in one direction, lifts and goes back to start from the same direction after each cut.  With that being said, the quality of the surfaced product using the zig method is higher because it leaves a smoother finish.  

​We offer hands on services for our local Atlanta, GA area clients as we do for clients placing domestic orders in the US.  If you would like us to quote for our milling services, please send a CAD file to:

​Once we view all specifics of your design we will give you a valuation using the most cost efficient toolpath we have available.

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