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The Secret For Great Success Creating A CNC Machined Prototype

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

CNC Prototyping Services & Milled/Turned Parts

The people here at PF CNC Machining believe that personable customer service and patience will yield better results than the hasty “I have to get to my next client” treatment. Now, don’t get me wrong, prototyping is a service after all. For this service we will get compensated as we are running a shop. However we believe that repeat business and word of mouth is our best promotion along with quality prototypes that actually work. A machine shop, as suggested by the name, is a business that has machines to produce a variety of metal and plastic parts. It is expected that such entity would be a place where measuring, mathematical problem solving and repetitive work will be done. On the other hand, PF CNC machining puts special emphasis on understanding our clients, especially for prototyping.

Reliable completion of high tolerance parts has been customary for us, and appreciated among the design engineer industries in the Atlanta area and beyond. We have been in the part production industry for more than a decade and have accomplished our mission by producing accurate parts with consistency. We welcome all USA part orders, as well as we enjoy doing business locally for our Atlanta inventors and innovators of all levels. We plan to continue offering high precision part production and prototype components because we follow a formula that has led to the fruition of the manufacturing of amazing metal and plastic CNC prototypes. This formula is a three step plan and will be explained below.

CNC prototyping and machining is a great way to fulfill an array of invention development requests. This is true for our custom precision services. We welcome -if not encourage- in-shop client interaction (especially when prototyping). We believe that a self explanatory drawing will be essential to the success of a finished prototype but that would be only part one of the successful prototype. Part two would be adding weight to the drawing through questions we will ask that we know will have a direct impact on the finished prototype. That just leaves us with part three which will depend on our client’s answer to the questions and could require further calculation or consultation. All persons involved in this process should be willing to dedicate time and use effective communication for the greater good. Full and mutual cooperation is the best way both parties will end up with the satisfaction of a functional prototype. Those are the three steps in the path towards a successful prototype, and we’re thrilled to use this path once again on your next prototype. Let's talk! (404) 532-8188

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